A company’s growth rate depends on a lot of factors. Every company is unique. The problems it deals with are unique too.

It’s better to focus on how tools can augment the business and its processes. When that happens, brands can start seeing much more efficiency and success. Smart marketers and sales experts can use growth hacking tools efficiently to take the graph of company’s growth northwards.

Here’s a list of 50 plus best growth hacking tools which can help the marketers and Sales Champions.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

This is email marketing software. It is also very useful tools for email campaigns and newsletter creation. It has rich features and impresses with its superior autoresponders. It automates the process of delivering personalized, professionally designed emails to targeted customers. You can set up schedules and send follow up emails.

This is also known as Bounce Exchange. Its automated customer acquisition platform leverages its specialized “Exit-intent” technology. It propagates people based marketing (PBM) as a new revenue channel. It has its own set of customer retention and website analysis tools. Its data hyper targets each visitor into strategic buckets when they are in the conversion funnel.

Clicktale is a cloud based analytic system based platform. It enables you to visualize your customer’s journey on your website from their perspective. You can analyze their behavior with the help of heatmaps and reports. There is an individual session replay capability too. It helps you reduce abandoned cart rates and increase conversions.

This provides you with a very easy way to track, share, and promote your content on Twitter. Businesses need to build their brand with the help of content marketing efforts. It has an easy-to-use dashboard to manage all your tweet links. It provides you with analytics to help you grow your influence and authority.

Colibri provides you a set of growth hacking tools for inbound marketing, SEO, social signal monitoring, and content marketing. You can improve your visibility on social media, and monitor who is talking what about your brand. Participation in ongoing discussions is easy. The platform helps you contact your prospects and influence their buying decisions.

CrazyEgg is a heat mapping tool. It helps you improve the functioning of your website. You can test new ideas and improve upon what has been working for you. You can fix the elements that hinder the growth. And you can track your visitors and find out the elements people click on and interact with.

This helps you automate your product and brand messages to your customers. You can schedule messages and send them. And you can segment your customers and send personalized messages to them. The platform helps you understand how your clients deal with your messages. You can send triggered automated emails on specific behavior of a client.

Drip is a marketing automation tool. It has a super intuitive interface. You can send custom emails based on user behavior. It allows you to segment your contacts on the basis of tags and events. Drip enables you to have a good look at your customers with a chronological timeline. It helps you create complex email marketing workflows.

Gumroad is a great platform for creators. It is very helpful for artists, writers, musicians, graphic designers, etc. They can sell subscriptions, digital and physical goods, and pre-orders online with custom product links. The platform enables you to engage with your customers and see sales, audience growth and referrals on the dashboard.

Hello Bar is one of the best tools for lead generation. It helps you design messages for your visitors. You simply need to enter your website URL and you will be able to make display ads, install barcodes, and more. It displays text on your website. If your visitors click on bar displays it increases engagement.

HubSpot is an extremely popular market automation tool. Its intuitive CRM platform allows a sales team to adapt to it without making significant changes to their workflow. It neatly organizes the communication you have with your customers. The platform tracks your deals, monitors performance of sales teams, and helps you manage all activities from a single dashboard.

Infusionsoft is a powerful all-in-one marketing automation solution. It helps small businesses organize themselves better and focus on growing sales. You can automate sales and marketing aspects of your business. It helps you collect and manage all customer interaction from one place. You can turn leads into customers, sell and collect payment through one centralized system.

Kissmetric enables you to deliver behavior bases engagement to your customers on every step of their customer journey. It has advanced customer tracking and analyzing capabilities. You can use it to determine and monitor the metrics that help you manage your business well. It turns information into actionable insights which is very useful.

This is a cloud based email marketing solution. It integrates easily with multiple platforms, and also helps with audience segmentation, and performance reporting. You can send targeted emails based on purchase history and user behavior. It helps ecommerce marketers efficiently target and personalize their marketing campaigns while monitoring and optimizing ROI.

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service. They offer generous plans for startups and can also handle large volumes of emails of big enterprises. You can automate routine mailing tasks. And you can customize signup forms, segment your subscribers, and send blast emails or targeted emails based on their open/click history and set triggers.

Marketo is one of the leading marketing automation platforms. It has simplified and streamlined the different marketing processes for its users. Its drag and drop interface helps create professional email templates. You can test emails, create landing pages, integrate it with leading CRM platforms, use it for social marketing and more. Its strong suit is lead management.

MixRank is a crafty and smart spy tool. It helps you find your customers and new opportunities by data driven approach. It helps you create email and CRM alerts. And it provides real time updates on important signals. It can provide you data on existing clients, competitors and prospective customers. Enrich your data with new valuable datasets with MixRank.

This is user feedback software for mobile apps and websites. You need to arm yourself with the user feedback to strategize better, to empower your digital teams, and to make better decisions. The software captures feedback in real time, analyzes the story of feedback data and creates reports for further action.

MouseFlow is user behavior tracking software. You can track clicks, mouse movement, and scrolling behavior of the visitors on your site. It helps you find out the pain points with session replays, heat maps and feedback campaigns. And it helps you segment the user by behavior, conduct split, A/B tests, and track your conversion funnels to find out the leakage points.

This is popular CRM software. Nimble excels in bringing together customer communication from different channels to one platform. It helps you focus on data organization, sales insights and customer engagement. And it helps you with contact management, sales and marketing automation, business intelligence and social listening.

Olark is a popular live chat solution. Live chat can help you increase sale by providing support. It helps you monitor leads, gain information from customers, and effectively support sales teams. And it provides detailed reports with actionable insights for better decision making. You can customize the chat box.

Optimizely helps you optimize the customer experience on your website. Its analytics tracks down user experience on your site and helps the user get more from the site. You can use it to determine which changes to your website will be more useful to the customer. It helps you get better SEO ratings too.

Outbrain is a content discovery and ad placement platform. It has a pay-per-click model which helps businesses reach their targeted audience. You can promote your content on top sites. It is easy to use and implement. You can use it to enhance the reach of client’s ad campaigns through sponsored links.

This helps businesses spread their brand awareness using social currency -you pay with a tweet. It lets visitors access your lead content or your landing pages without filling too many forms with personal information. Instead they can just share the content in their own social networks and get access.

Polldaddy enables you to create surveys and polls that match your budget, brands and your goals. You can create unlimited online surveys using easy to use survey editor. Polldaddy can help you analyze results in real time. You can customize how the surveys look. Put the survey link in the email or in the banner on your site, your choice.

Qualaroo helps you analyze customer decisions. It helps you discover new insights about your visitors. And it analyzes the actions they take on your website or app and helps optimize the user journey accordingly. You can deliver customized content to the visitors based on their behavior and location.

SendGrid is a cloud based email delivery service. It helps businesses with transactional email management. It abides by anti-spam regulations, manages Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Internet Service Provider (ISP) monitoring, feedback loops, and domain keys. Learn all about open rates and link tracing. Its team is focused on email deliverability and compliance.

This is a good solution for drip and transactional emails. Sendwithus makes it easy to interact with customers with its cloud based email template management platform. Manage all your emails using pre-made templates, test the versions which work with A/B testing. It automatically in lines CSS for email client compatibility.

SessionCam comes with a set of tools that help you analyze user behavior on your site so that you are able to optimize the experience for them. Features include session replay, aggregating user activity to create heat maps, and helping you map customer journey and more. You can understand the struggles, drop offs and anomalies in your conversion funnels.

SnapEngage is a powerful scalable chat software. It integrates well with workflow applications like CRMs, social media, and other ecommerce tools. Its API is open and customizable. It is a live chat software that can help you with user roles, team chats, monitoring, reporting, file exchange, SMS chat and more.

Sumo helps you drive more traffic, collect more emails, and convert more customers. It helps you build a following, and track your success directly from your website. Its list builder helps you create attractive pop ups that appear before people leave the site. With built-in social media buttons on your site it makes sharing easier.

Totango is a customer success analytics platform. It helps you track the struggles and health signal of the customer’s journey on the site. This cloud-based solution provides a simple infrastructure for customer success operations. It helps you manage customer relationship hierarchies across accounts, channel partners along product lines.

Typeform is survey software useful for creating online surveys. It is easy to learn. You can edit and arrange questions without much hassle. A customized look can be given to the surveys. Its drag and drop features give a lot of flexibility. It provides a free API to integrate it with other applications.

Unbounce helps you create, publish, and A/B test your landing pages. It helps you improve the customer’s experience on the site. And it is a highly customized page building service. You can build and test unlimited number of pages. And you can get pages optimized for mobile. With a wide range of templates and features available for use, there is plenty to choose from.

UsabilityHub helps you design your website in a better way. It puts your site through different kinds of tests which determine different aspects of usability. You can use different tests to measure how well designed your site is. And you can recruit your own testers or use the testers from the hub.

Vero is an effective email marketing automation tool. It is event-action driven email platform. You can use it to bring your engineering, product, and marketing teams together. And you can collect and harness your data to create communication that really delivers value. Data driven automated communication personalizes your customer’s experience.

VWO or Visual Website Optimizer is an A/B testing and conversion optimization tool. Its easy-to-use interface makes A/B testing pretty easy. You can choose from different types of testing campaigns and add test criteria’s that you want. Its “idea factory” function helps you create better test ideas. It provides you heat maps and click maps along with geo targeting and behavioral targeting.

WebEngage is a cloud based marketing automation platform. It can automate your communication to the user all through the different stages of his lifecycle. You can use emails, in-app messages, web messages, text messages, and browser messages to connect. And you can drive conversions with hyper personalization, segmentation, cross channel engagement and more.

Zapier is an online tool to connect different apps and automate the workflow. It helps move the information between different apps. You don’t have to open and manage different apps separately. There is no need to build integrations. Linking different web apps is easy. It has a lean and useful dashboard.

Sniply is a tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. By using Sniply, you can create a call-to-action, like a button linking back to your website, which can drive people to your website and increase your ROI.

One of the most interesting parts about Sniply is that you don’t have to own the content to add your message, so you can appear on Mashable, The New York Times, TechCrunch — wherever you may please!

There are three easy steps to using Sniply:

  • Choose the URL you want your message to appear on.

After completing this steps, Sniply will give you a unique URL. Instead of sharing the original link you found, you can share this unique URL, which is essentially the same page but with your brand presence included inside. This gives people the ability to engage with your call to action, driving them to your website so they can ultimately convert!

Unlike banner ads, which can sometimes be intrusive, Sniply’s call-to-actions are more conspicuous link-bound messages. It’s likely that someone that clicks on your link already has an established relationship with you — whether they follow you on Twitter or another form of social media — making Sniply a more personal form of advertising.

With Snov.io tools, you can accelerate collecting and managing lists of leads and candidates.

GetProspect.io (Leads/Email finder from LinkedIn) is a very easy-to -use and powerful search extractor . Profile email finder for LinkedIn was never easy. Simply input search criteria and their email extractor will provide a list of names with corporate emails, position, LinkedIn profile URL, company name, industry, website and much more!

FindThatLead is a sales prospecting tool that lets you easily search, save, and verify potential customers. FTL lets you toggle between two personal email addresses to send as many emails as you want.

FindThatLead(Generate B2B Leads in Bulk)isn’t perfect. But when you combine it with the right tools, it’s absolutely fabulous. Combine it with Scrab.in, by the same developer, and you have an entire outreach engine. It can literally replace entire departments at a company.

FindThatLead is the perfect tool for freelancers, agencies, or anyone who needs to find new customers in just a few clicks!

Is it really that simple? Yes, Sumo-ling!

Here’s what you do:

    • Select a segment. Set as many different variables as you need to make your search more accurate.
    • Add segmentation info. After selecting the variables, type the info that the prospect you are looking for must match. Don’t worry, you can add more than one option per variable.
    • Click and get prospects. Once the list is ready, review the results and decide if you’d like to generate their emails and start prospecting!

Integrate RocketReach’s real-time verified contact info and advanced search tools directly into your application. Put profiles of 430 million professionals and 20 million businesses right at your users’ fingertips. Automate lead generation, contact discovery, people search, profile enrichment, company search or myriad other use cases using our lightweight, intuitive REST API.

Klenty has a native 2-way integration with Hubspot that helps you eliminate manual data entry into Hubspot, and save hours everyday.

With 400+ installations, it is the top rated sales engagement platform on the Hubspot ecosystem.

Automatically draft emails with SendFox’s integrated weekly Smart Campaigns and RSS content updates, so your fans will get your best content directly in their inbox.

This feature is great for podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers who regularly release new content and helps you keep eager followers happy.

50. Outfunnel

Outfunnel is a sales-aligned email marketing platform that helps you automate email marketing, surface hot leads and boost sales productivity.

51. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a must-have sales tool that allows you to discover prospects, access relevant and updated information about them and sync data and conversations right to your CRM. The beauty of the Hubspot-LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration is that it gets you straightforward access to its entire suite of tools right from your Hubspot contact and company records, meaning that you can issue Inmails from Hubspot directly.

Since email is becoming a more valuable stream for outbound lead generation, it makes sense to pay attention to the available email tools out there.

Typically, there are two options for sending out emails to leads. The first, is through the CRM systems, which generally allows for emails to be sent out of them. The second is through an email provider like GMail or Outlook, for example.

Now, there are also tools that allow for people to track quite a bit of information from inside applications like GMail.

A few examples:

For smaller teams that don’t have fully integrated systems, using available apps and tools in conjunction with email can solve as a great method that will work well.

While it might not seem like a big deal to dial a number since it only takes a few seconds, multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of calls a week.

Dialing tools can help solve this problem. Based on your budget, there are a number of dialing tools that can help automate the process, or at least help reduce the time team members are dialing.

Here are some examples:

  • Skype
  • InContact
  • InsideSales
  • ConnectLeader
  • Phoneburner: Phoneburner is an Outbound calling tool that helps you have up to 4 times more calls every dialing session. It executes power dialing and leaves voicemails and emails behind for you, thus enhancing your Outbound effectiveness.Phoneburner integrates with Hubspot to help you contact 60-80 Hubspot contacts per hour and achieve 4x more conversations. It lets you map contacts, log call activity automatically and make edits to call records flow seamlessly between the systems through the 2 way sync with Hubspot..
  • Aircall : Aircall is a calling tool that changes the game for modern sales and marketing teams. It’s easy to set up, gives you visibility through real-time metrics and enables higher productivity.
  • Dzinga: It is a powerful calling tool which drives better communication for salespeople through the power of cloud telephony. The Dzinga-Hubspot Integration keeps your conversations progressing through features such as Click-to-Call, One-Click-Dial, Inbound and Outbound Automatic Call Logging, and Unlimited Call Recording in HubSpot’s contact card
  • Callpage : Callpage is an Inbound calling platform that allows you to establish connections with website visitors through callback automation. Given that contacting leads as soon as they visit your page is essential to stay top of mind, Callback’s promise of getting you back to your leads in 28 seconds definitely gives you an upper hand when it comes to building a pipeline.
  • Fireflies.ai: Fireflies.ai is an AI voice assistant that helps you record, transcribe calls and review them. It also automatically enters call records in your CRM so that you can focus on the conversations instead of manual data entry.Fireflies.ai integrates with Hubspot CRM to deliver automated creation of meeting notes, transcripts and action items under every Hubspot contact.
  • Novocall: Novocall is an inbound calling platform that helps you simplify conversations through call automation. You can automate your calls through their widget, lead forms or Facebook forms and build rapport with prospects. It also allows you to schedule meetings, execute 1-click calls and track calls with features like Round Robin meeting distribution, Auto-Follow Ups and Advanced Call Routings..

Novocall’s Integration with Hubspot makes managing calls and call data a walk in the sales park. This integration lets you automatically generate a contact in Hubspot when a lead is created in Novocall’s widget. You also get your complete call activity stored in your timeline and activity page.

Each of these tools can help by offering something as simple as click to dial, or get more advanced like logging calls, having popups that appear during calls for notes, or even actual automatic dialing of specific lists

Now you know a little more about the best growth hacking tools. You can pick and choose the ones that suit your workflow and brand’s specific needs.

If you’ve been using any other tools for growth, let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards,

Neha Sahay

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