How Does Scopify Know your Ideal Customer Avtars so Well?


“Scopify” One of the best platforms for finding professionals and entrepreneurs!

Read on to know exactly how they help.

If you are a B2B Growth hacker reading this, Scopify is the one solution that revolutionizes the way we use technology to bridge the gap between you and your next customers.

Their funnel will filter out the high quality leads from a heap of leads and gives you the best quality ones.

Before we dive deep into lead generation funnels and how they work let me introduce their platform.

What is Scopify?

Well! Scopify is a sales tool for every Sales Development Representative (SDR) in the world to get pre-qualified leads with Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline intelligence at top-of-funnel. SDRs using Scopify can book qualified meetings with their decision makers without creating any email spam or cold calling. They are responsible for thinking, conceptualizing and end to end execution of growth hacks with the objective of generating higher revenues.

If you have not heard about them yet, you can watch it now:

                                                                             Helping with sales

“Scopify is a full-stack SaaS tool which fixes the B2B sales problems from the ground up. Scopify created a faster, better way to engage sales prospects by using AI technology, and through a massive data pipeline spanning across industries.”

Their AI monitors real time searches a company’s employees make which indicate a potential purchase intent for your products and services. You can now reserve data on your prospects exclusively for yourself and get ahead from your competition

There are over 20K B2B terms our AI understands and looks for in any company.

Their platform qualifies search intent data from companies with Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline sentiment and connects you at scale with the exact decision makers responsible for your projects and deals.

Why Scopify?

Your sales people do not need more tools. They need more qualified meetings with your prospects which close more deals. Scopify builds your top of funnel with in-market customers buy giving you the following:-

  • Data pipeline set up based on your requirements: Get Leads with Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline sentiment generated exclusively for you.Get data on competition. A/B test new markets.
  • Grow your data pipeline with feedback: Using a built-in feedback loop Scopify learns from your sales meetings and creates more demand at top of the funnel for your products and services.
  • Book more meetings with fewer steps and resources: Perform qualifications before outreach and book more qualified demos at top of funnel with your existing resources.

Now simply type in what you sell and instantly get connected with in-market prospects and decision makers for your projects and deals

Automate your campaigns with in-market customer data, reach relevant decision makers with personalized and timely outreach, reduce spam, bring new deals and lower your CAC

Outsource your sales to a data science powered sales team that intelligently growth hacks for you

Sign up here at (14 days Free trial version) play around the tool, and if it interests you further you may book your session/meeting slots directly at

Case Study:

Put Scopify Network FOR YOU!!!

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